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Checkup: 1V1 at the Outdoor Court

At BBall Nationals, we've become a cherished part of many clubs' summer seasons. As one of the premier tournaments in the country, we're always pushing ourselves to reach higher and shine brighter. This year, we are introducing our 1V1 competition for our BBall Nationals athletes to show off their individual skills and to take home the 1V1 prize for their club. 

How to Enter:

  1. 1V1 wristbands will be distributed to a club's rep at team check-ins to distribute to players

  2. Players can also earn extra wristbands by winning Player of the Game awards

  3. 1V1 competition starts August 3rd (time TBA) on the outdoor courts, submit club wristbands to court officials by 6:00 pm on the 4th at the same location for bracketing purposes

  4. We will contact the club's rep of the four clubs with the most wristbands to select an athlete to compete in the final 4 on August 5th (time TBD based on team schedules)

  5. Winning club is awarded a team registration rebate



  • Participants must have minimum 1 wristband to participate in the competition

  • Participants must be on a team registered to BBall Nationals

  • Players wager a mutually agreed upon number of wristbands and give them to the court official

  • Players do best of 1 rock paper scissors to decide who gets ball first

  • First player to 3 points wins

  • Score is counted by 2s and 1s

  • Fouls are called by defense, honour system, if egregious miss call present, court official can overrule

  • 4-dribble maximum, going over results in a turnover

  • One shot only, and then check the ball at the top

  • Make it take it, if you score you keep possession


LEC Outdoor Courts


August 3rd time TBA - August 5th 

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