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What is the Responsible Coaching Movement?

The Responsible Coaching Movement (RCM) is coordinated by the Coaching Association of Canada and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport that has the potential to affect all sport organizations and coaches. The RCM is a call to action for organizations to implement realistic change based on their individual state of readiness.

Phase 1 of the RCM addresses the gaps identified by stakeholders that indicate there is a lack of uniform policies, a lack of club capacity, a limited communication strategy, a lack of a tracking mechanism for coaches, and a lack of a coordinated approach by sport organizations to address responsible coaching practices have all contributed to permitting instances of unethical behaviour in sport.

The goal is to make sport safer for children and the vulnerable sector. Although advances in athlete protection in the past twenty years have decreased instances of athlete maltreatment in amateur sport, incidents of athlete abuse, harassment by coaches, and risks to athlete safety have continued to occur.

To reduce risk in sport, the Responsible Coaching Movement focuses on three key areas:

Rule of Two

Background Screening, and

Ethics & Respect Training.

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What does this mean for BBALL NATIONALS?


We at BBALL Nationals understand that there is a need for responsible coaching practices so that we can ensure the best for all athletes. We want to provide a safe environment for children and athletes to thrive. That is why over the next few years, we will be implementing regulations that coaches and team staff will need to follow in order to be on the bench at BBALL Nationals


In the meantime, we strongly encourage all clubs to make sure they understand the Responsible Coaching Movement and Take the Pledge.

Let's make sport safe for all athletes.

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