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U17 Competitive

First Place: VK U17 (BC)

Second Place: VK U16 (BC)

U17 Intermediate

First Place: Calgary Storm U17 (AB)

Second Place: Manitoba Magic (MB)

U15 Competitive

First Place: VK U15 (BC)

Second Place: VK U14 Carkner (BC)

U15 Intermediate

First Place: Grads U15AA (Edmonton, AB)

Second Place: Stormers (BC)

U13 Elite

First Place: VK U13 (BC)

Second Place: Big Country Basketball (ON)


U17 Competitive

First Place: CBA Cobra U17 (AB)

Second Place: North Stars United (ON)

U17 Intermediate

First Place: Northern Bounce U17 (BC)

Second Place: North Stars U16 (ON)

U15 Competitive

First Place: GrassRoots Elite U14 (ON)

Second Place: Red Rush U14 (NL)

U15 Intermediate

First Place: Shooting Stars Basketball Club (BC)

Second Place: Edmonton Stormhawks (AB)

U13 Elite

First Place: Split Second U13 (BC)

Second Place: VanCity Basketball (BC)


First Place: Vancouver Fusion (BC)

Second Place: Burnaby Ballers (BC)

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